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Stories of Success


Since our first intake in 2008, the Sumbandila team has had the privilege of working with and nurturing  many extraordinary students. Phuluso Mawela is on the full Sumbandila scholarship and is currently in his final year, writing the AS Level exams.

When you are in the village you don’t actually see much of the world or see what you are missing out on. When I was awarded the Sumbandila Scholarship I realized that I can actually do what I want to do not just follow what the people around me are doing” – Phuluso.

Our target is to be supporting a total of 360 scholars. With your help, we can achieve this target and go on to set higher ones.

Our target

50 scholars in the Full Residential Programme each year

Our target

140 scholars in the Outlier Programme each year

Our target

120 scholars in the Tertiary Programme each year