The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust

The Trust is a non-profit organisation in the field of secondary education which provides both Full Scholarships to private schools as well as an Educational Outreach Programme to impoverished rural children in the Vhembe District of South Africa’s Limpopo Province. The Sumbandila Scholarship Trust operates in partnership with Ridgeway College and the Study Trust.

What does ‘Sumbandila’ mean?
Literally, in the language of the Venda people who live close to South Africa’s northern border, it means “point out the road’. Expressed in more idiomatic English, it becomes “Show the Way”.

Our Vision
“To transform the lives of underprivileged children with exceptional potential and create entrepreneurs and leaders who make significant contributions to society and their own communities.”

Our Mission
“Sumbandila’s mission is to provide deprived children with a high quality secondary education alongside a strong mentorship programme, nurturing both leadership potential and the entrepreneurial spirit while encouraging social responsibility and awareness. We develop children’s potential through both academic education and practical experience and empower them with a belief and the ability to make a difference. We encourage both Western and African values, “Service in Leadership” and “Ubuntu:  becoming a person in and through other people”.

UK Trust Number 1128276 / RSA Trust Number T6/2008